Vermouth? Eau de vie? These spirits stalwarts seem to fly by unnoticed most of the time, yet happen to be some the most versatile alcohols in the world. Their influence on cocktail culture is unparalleled and often misunderstood. 

Leif Shenstone of Fasel Shenstone will be on hand to talk about you why you should care about getting to know this dynamic duo. Sure, but how do they taste in cocktails? I’m glad you asked… 

Joey Houghtaling and Mike McDonald of Beaker & Flask Beverage Company pair up with Jacob East of Eno Vino to show off the versatility of Clear Creek eau de vies, Big Gin and Fasel Shenstone vermouths in cocktails. Enjoy sweeping views of Madison from the 9th floor of Eno Vino’s downtown restaurant while sipping their luscious libations.

Friday, Oct 13
5:00pm to 8:00pm
Eno Vino
Eno Vino (608) 455-0663 Directions
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