Bartenders and cocktail home consumers can get too caught up in the details when crafting cocktails, slowing them down. But what if there were seven formulas that provided the skeleton for an infinite number of cocktails? 

During this seminar, Bittercube proprietor Ira Koplowitz, alongside Bittercube R&D Coordinator Brandon Reyes, attendees will have the opportunity to taste a Classic Daiquiri, French 75 and an Old Fashioned - all examples of pillar cocktails 

Additionally, they will get some nerd info about how Carbonic Acid changes the balance of a ‘75 and a Collins, the trick to mastering brix in a variety of liqueurs in the Daisy, and why bitters are integral to a number of cocktails!

Collaborators: Ira Koplowitz

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Saturday, Oct 14
2:30pm to 3:30pm
AC Hotel
AC Hotel (608) 286-1337 Directions
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