Four Madison restaurant powerhouses—Merchant, Pig in a Fur Coat, Cento, and Robin Room will feature a special cocktail menu for the evening. Angostura Rum (and Amaro), Don Pancho Rum, Riazul Tequila, and Nonino Amaro and Grappa will all be part of the action, which means if you can’t find something you like on this list, you may just be impossible to please and we’ll be over in the corner, crying.

Saturday, Oct 14
5:00pm to 10:00pm
Merchant (608) 259-9799 Directions
Pig in a Fur Coat
Pig in a Fur Coat (608) 316-3300 Directions
Cento 608) 284-9378 Directions
Robin Room
Robin Room (608) 284-7638 Directions
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