Join Whistle Pig's Taylor Hansen for a seminar that will go something like this... 

"Dear Palate, Smooth?! I've spent 131,520 hours under the careful tutelage of the most learned oaken professors in the world! Do you have any idea how much a century old tree has to share? Or how often they like reminisce about what things were like before cell phones and disrespectful neighbors? I lost count at Year 4. 

Come to think of it, that was right about when I started to hit the sugars pretty hard at all the pop-up oxidation parties... Either way, I'm not bitter about it. Tannins and a tan weren't the only things I acquired while I was away! I learned to fend for myself. I learned to pickpocket. I stood tall, I fell down, ran a marathon. A lot has happened. My point being, I've been preparing for this moment for 15-years. 

Don't call me smooth, I am so much more. Cheers, Whiskey P.S. I know I'm super smooth, just... don't call me that."

We will spend the afternoon re-defining the way we describe whiskey in hopes of moving towards more focused descriptors. Participants will get to sample Whistle Pig 10, 12 and 15 year along with Whistle Pig Farmstock. 

Collaborators: Taylor Hansen

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Friday, Oct 13
2:30pm to 3:30pm
Revel (608) 286-1369 Directions
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