Ira Koplowitz
Founder - Bittercube
Ira Koplowitz
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In 2009, after a two plus year stint at The Violet Hour in Chicago, Koplowitz founded Bittercube along with partner Nicholas Kosevich. Recognized as an industry leader, Koplowitz has taught seminars at cocktail weeks around the country on a variety of topics. 

Today, Bittercube Bitters are distributed in more than 28 states. Beyond bitters, Bittercube consults with a number of restaurants and bars, creating unique cocktail programs throughout the country. Bittercube has been featured in Martha Stewart’s Everyday Food, Playboy, Imbibe Magazine, Timeout, Chicago Tribune, New York Times, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, GO – AirTran Inflight Magazine, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, NPR, and Daily Candy, among other publications.

Beyond bartending, Koplowitz has traveled extensively, eating and drinking his way across more than forty countries, spanning five continents.

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