Cass Hanson
Yoga Director - The Studio
Cass Hanson

Cass keeps it real. Both in and out of the yoga studio. She is a lover of all things warm and sunny and you might be able to feel that when meeting her. She also loves Sun Salutations, her classes vary in pace and intensity week to week, and season to season - but she never skips the sun salutes, as they are in integral part of her own practice. Cass brings 16 years of service industry experience to her yoga practice and teaching. And for her life it all about Balance. As a teacher, her intention is to help you bring your body and mind into balance without harsh rules or judgment. Everyone is welcome in her classes, regardless of how you spend your nights and weekends. She believes the less you think yoga is for you - the more you need it. 

The word around The Studio is that Cass’ classes are hard. It’s true you need to call on your untapped endurance and  strength to move through one of her flow classes - this is no accident. Cass intends to push you in class, so you can embrace the challenge and let go of everything else. When you leave, you will feel lighter and at same time more connected to yourself. 

Cass plays music in class. House music. And she likes it. If this is not your thing - no worries, Cass is never offended if her class is not for you. In fact, as The Yoga Director at The Studio, Cass is your resource to find the right teacher. She knows each teacher’s style and specialty, and would love to sit down with you to find out who you can connect to. 

Cass is currently working towards her 300 hour Advanced Training with David Lurey and Mirjam Wagner of Mallorca, Spain. They are world travelers, forever students, dedicated teachers and have been known to dance to house music. Their trainings are Yin and Yang concepts woven together to bring the students lessons in balance. Cass also received her 200 hour training from David Lurey, at an immersion in Brazil in 2010. Since then, Cass has taught over 3,000 hours of yoga - most of which at The Studio, where she was lucky to find herself teaching in the inaugural few months. It is the consistent and regular teaching to students of all kinds that brings her the most lessons - she learns every single day, and is always working to be a better teacher and guide. Other influences include Elena Brower of New York, and the many teachers at The Studio - who are always evolving, learning  and growing and inspiring Cass to step up her game. 

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