Barry Young
Founder - Boyd & Blair
Barry Young
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Barry Young, original founder/distiller of Boyd & Blair, worked as an executive in the health care industry for 15 years prior to becoming a distiller. His interest in chemistry, combined with an entrepreneurial drive & a passion to create a spirit that stood out from the rest prompted him to begin a career as a distiller. In 2008, after years of research and trials, Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka was launched in PA and was distributed by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board in over 350 stores. 

After having received a five-star rating by the internationally known spirits guru F. Paul Pacult, in 2010, Boyd & Blair’s sales were catapulted and it was picked up by a national distributor. Boyd & Blair is now available in 41 states, Canada, France, Singapore & Hong Kong. 

In 2010, Barry saw a need for a high proof spirit that could be utilized as a base for bitters and liqueurs. Because of the distillation techniques employed at Boyd & Blair the high proof 151 is a magnet for flavors and quick infusions. Boyd & Blair Professional Proof 151 also received a 5 Star rating the Paul Pacult’s Spirit Journal.

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